Wooden RFID Key Card

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Wooden RFID Key Card

The Wooden RFID Key Card is composed of a copper antenna directly integrated in the wood. It is unique in that it is made from wood from sustainably managed European forests. With this solution, Linxens offers the access market a new alternative to plastic cards, combining aesthetics and durability.

This plastic-free product expands Linxens' range of eco-friendly solutions, named EcoLAM, which are made from recycled materials, thus reducing the use of virgin PVC that does not come from recycling channels for the manufacture of smart cards.

In its drive for continuous improvement and constant innovation, Linxens has the ambition to adapt this wooden card to the place and the use to guarantee its durability and user-friendliness (ease of customization, long life, etc.). 

The Wooden RFID Key Card

- Beech wood sourced from sustainable forests

- 100% customizable to your unique design

- Quick and easy to implement

- For all standard access control systems


A product for environmentally conscious companies

This product can help companies to be more eco-responsible and to show their concern about their ecological footprint. The wooden card is aimed at markets that are sensitive to environmental concerns, including companies that have adopted a CSR approach, as well as tourism and leisure professionals who put ecology at the heart of their priorities. Beyond its primary function as a means of access, the card can also represent a personalized souvenir for customers to keep and be a tangible solution for companies aspiring to show their efforts as actors of sustainable development.