Why Choose Linxens

“Working for Linxens means being passionate and taking an active part in an ambitious international project.”
Patrick Roux, SVP HR & Communications
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We are innovators

The evolution of technology across the security and identity markets is both deep and never-ending. This is why Linxens ceaselessly invents new technical solutions and has a continuous-improvement program in place at all levels of the company.
Working for Linxens means having the chance to be a part of this innovation.

HREA GoldIn 2022, Linxens Singapore received the Gold HR Excellence Award for its excellence in Digital Transformation



Our success is achieved together

Our customers expect our products and services to be reliable, and reliability is a fundamental part of who we are, an element of our DNA: the reliability of each and every one of our employees, committed to customer satisfaction and zero defects; the reliability of the relationships we build and nurture in the company, so that each employee can naturally find his or her place within the organization and develop at a comfortable pace. Working for Linxens means being a part of our collective performance.

We are open to the world

Understanding our changing world means knowing what to watch for and how to explain and share these realities with every one of our employees. When employees are better informed, they are better prepared to anticipate change and respond to the challenges we face.
Linxens is, by its very nature, multicultural and international, enriched by the diversity of our 3,000 employees, with operations in Europe, Asia, and the United States. This global footprint also means we can identify best practices from a broad palette of experience and apply them within each group entity.
Working for Linxens means becoming your best by finding the best in others.

Develop your skills

At Linxens, our employees’ know-how is what makes it possible for us to continually reinvent ourselves as a company and satisfy our customers’ needs. This means that our customers, in turn, can continue to move forward and evolve in their respective business domains, now and in the future. And this is why we invest so much energy in helping our employees hone and expand their skills.
Working for Linxens means investing in your future.

More than a job

At Linxens, we fervently believe in sharing our goals, in giving everyone the keys to understanding our strategic plans, because we know that the group’s success depends on the contributions and job satisfaction of every employee.
We place tremendous importance on ensuring that every newcomer is given the warmest welcome and a top-notch orientation to ensure he or she feels at home. We also support volunteer and sports activities that strengthen relationships – both those between all of us at Linxens and those with the communities in which we live. Working for Linxens means knowing that your job is much more than just a job.

HREA SilverIn 2022, Linxens Singapore received the Silver HR Excellence Award for its retention strategy



Our watchword: Developing talent.

A closer look at the Talent Review

Each year, the Human Resources staff and managers are asked to assess the skills of their teams, identify talent, and specify support needs. In conjunction with this assessment, they evaluate the group’s expected needs in the months and years to come.

This “talent review,” which involves the vast majority of our teams, also helps identify the skillsets currently available to the Group’s entities and those which merit special attention in the foreseeable future based on changes in both our markets and our customers’ needs.

The results of these extensive assessments and forecasts are shared with the group’s top management, leading to specific support that is monitored throughout  the year by all the HR teams. This is what makes it possible for the company’s human resources to grow as fast as Linxens itself.