Industry & Speciality

Double-sided Plated Holes

Reel-to-reel printed circuits boards for high-volume production


Linxens provides a wide range of printed circuits boards that are customized to meet the most difficult design requirements.

Key Features

  • Double-sided plated holes for PCB's
  • Down to 75 µm glass epoxy for ultrathin applications
  • Copper trace width and space: min 50 µm 

Technical Capabilities

  • Epoxy-glass FR4 G10 equivalent: 75, 110, 200 µm
  • Mechanical vias down to 200 μm diameter
  • Electro-plating: Ni/Au, Ni/Ag , Ni/Pd/Au
  • OSP
  • Photo-imageable solder masks (dry-film or ink)
  • Copper thickness: range 12-70 µm 
  • Automatic optical inspection


  • MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level):  JEDEC Level 1/ 2/2a/3/4
  • UHAST (Unbiased Temperature Humidity) up to 85% RH / 110°C for 264 hrs
  • HTSL (High Temp Storage Life) up to 150°C / 1000 hrs

Delivery Form Factor

  • R2R from 35-150 mm wide
  • Strips

Compliance Labels

  • Halogen free products
  • RoHS 2002/95/EC

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