Wire-embedded UHF antenna meets inductive coupling


Linxens' state-of-the-art Direct Connect PRELAM® broadens the technology portfolio available for UHF eID document production. 

Key Features 

The new Linxens SMART LOOP PRELAM®, based on patented wire-embedding and inductive coupling know-how, offers many benefits:

  • Extended read range
  • Very small and flexible antenna design
  • Thinness of only 250 μm
  • Mechanical durability
  • Long lifetime and high performance

The wire-embedded UHF PRELAM® uses inductive coupling technology. The lack of any intermetallic connection between chip and antenna makes it one of the most robust and reliable PRELAM® cards available in the market today, and enables new solutions for eDriver's Licenses and eResidence Permit cards.

Operating Frequency 

  • 860-960 MHz

Operating Temperature 

  • -25°C to +50°C 

Integrated Circuit (IC) 

  • Impinj Monza 4D 


  • PC
  • PVC
  • PET-G
  • Composites

Compliance Labels 

  • ISO 18000-6C
  • EPC Class 1 Gen2

Application Area 

  • eDriver's License 
  • eResidence Permit 
  • Border Crossing