Module Packaging

More than just inlays, Linxens Value Added Services for eID and ePassport solutions offer a broad range of benefits to organizations


Linxens comprehensive portfolio of secure eID documents also offers a variety of Value Added Services. Linxens' partners benefit from receiving all products and services from one reliable component supplier offering customer satisfaction guaranteed one-stop shop. This single source method means a simplified supply chain for customers, with a proven level of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Key Features

eGovernment products are provided with the following services: 

  • Wafer processing (Grinding, Dicing, Bumping) 
  • Chip packaging (SMOA4, SMOA5; SMOA6) 
  • Unique ID data capturing 
  • Initialization and personalization of ROM and Flash based controller chips 
  • Chip & operating system bundle offering 
  • Optical personalization and numbering 
  • Gold foil embossing of eCovers 
  • Laser engraving
  • Key Management
  • Laser engraving