Enhanced Security PC PRELAM®

Cutting-edge security features for eID & ePassports


Linxens' Enhanced Security PC PRELAM® uses a cutting-edge technology that meets the demand for increasingly complex security features on government ID cards and passport datapages.

Key Features

  • Hologram
  • Offset and silk-screen printing
  • Customizable security inserts such as Photochromic, Laser engravable and Fluorescent films


  • Enhanced anti-counterfeit measures thanks to enhanced ‘on inlay’ security.
  • Allows for greater product design flexibility and integration, using existing customer side production techniques.
  • Greater product security and complexity, showcasing the latest ink technologies, but with no need for additional investment costs.

Insert on enhanced inlay can carry:

  • Fluorescent effect pigment
  • Photochromic ink
  • Laser engraved layer
  • Other special inks

Deliverables and Sample Requests

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