Linxens classic electronic passport inlay. Designed for high durability and flexible manufacturing.


Linxens DURASOFT® Inlay is a unique synthetic inlay that has been developed specifically for the use in Electronic Passports (EP). Linxens DURASOFT® inlay is a multi-layered compound which contains an ISO-14443-compliant RFID-transponder (chip & antenna). The porous surface of the DURASOFT® Inlay allows adhesives, coatings and laminating films to penetrate into its structure to form an extremely strong joint with the surrounding materials (passport-cover, passport-pages).  The DURASOFT® Inlay enables passport manufacturers to produce and process passport books by using conventional machines (e.g. Kugler, UNO).


  • Inlay Material: DURASOFT® and Paper 

Operating Frequency 

  • 13.56 MHz 

Operating Temperature 

  • -25°C to +50°C 


  • Customized sheet formats 
  • Initialization / Customized programming of data 
  • Flash loading 
  • Applet Loading 
  • UID capturing and manifesting 

Application Area 

  • Secure ePassport 

Compliance Labels 

  • ISO 14443 
  • ICAO Compliant 
  • EAL 6 

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