Coil on Module

The next evolution for dual-interface card production


Linxens Coil on Module (CoM) inlay uses an RFID link instead of the mechanical connection typically used between the card antenna and the module.

This improves the robustness and long-term reliability of dual-interface (DIF) ID documents and simplifies card design and manufacturing making these processes more efficient and less complicated.

Key features

  • Flexibility to combine chip types and card antennas
  • Single card antenna layout for different chip/module combinations
  • Based on flip chip technology
  • Highest reliability levels thanks to integrated antenna and inductive coupling
  • Laser and non-laser engravable designs available                                                                     

Qualified chip types                                                               

  • SLE 77CLFX240AP(M)
  • SLE 78CLFX400AP(M) 


  • Polycarbonate (PC)

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