Secure ID

For eID and ePassport applications, security is an absolute priority. Linxens provides ultra-thin inlays that enable manufacturers to include additional layers of security.

RFID inlays and cards are used for identification documents, resident permits, and driver's licenses

Market leading and reliable ultra-slim inlay
Coil on Module
The next evolution for dual-interface card production
Enhanced Security PC PRELAM®
Cutting-edge security features for eID & ePassports

Ultra reliable ePassport and travel document covers, inlays, and data-pages

High-security RFID eCovers used in passports around the globe
Linxens classic electronic passport inlay. Designed for high durability and flexible manufacturing.
Datapage with Hinge
World's thinnest electronic inlay for high-security travel documents
Value Added Services

A suite of services to add further value to the Linxens Secure ID portfolio

Module Packaging
More than just inlays, Linxens Value Added Services for eID and ePassport solutions offer a broad range of benefits to organizations

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