Highest durability and lifetime resistance


Linxens PROCOIL CuP with copper pads offers an alternative sheet solution without additional lamination process. Based on our patented wire-embedding technology, the antenna is embedded onto the sheet supplying copper pads as contact points for dual interface module. It ideally suits standard card production processes with additional security features and offers different sheet colors upon request. 

Key Features

  • High durability
  • Size and shape of the antenna can be adapted to customer's specifications
  • Standard and customized sheet layouts
  • Enable robust antenna-chip-module pads interconnection 
  • Different sheet colors on request
  • Production is compliant with MasterCard’s Card Quality Management (CQM) requirements

Operating Frequency

  • 13.56 MHz

Operating Temperature

  • -25°C to +50°C


  • PVC
  • PC
  • PET-G

Compliance Label

  • ISO 14443