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PRELAM® (Dual Frequency)

Higher efficiency, diverse functionality


Linxens Dual Frequency PRELAM® is ideally suited for hybrid applications such as access control, accommodating the growing demand for RFID transponders with various read-range requirements in the standard card format.

Key Features

  • Ideal for hybrid applications (e.g. physical and logical access control) 
  • High durability and excellent electrical performance
  • 100% tested 
  • Hermetically sealed transponders 
  • Delivered with reference marking, which can be a trimmed corner, or optional printed crossmarks or punch holes
  • Standard and customized sheet layouts
  • Various ICs such as NXP, Infineon, ST Microelectronics, Samsung, ATMEL, Impinj and others

Operating Frequency

  • 125 kHz
  • 13.56 MHz
  • 860-960 MHz

Operating Temperature

  • -25°C to +50°C


  • PVC
  • PC
  • PET-G
  • Teslin®


  • Initialization and customized programming of data

Compliance Labels

  • ISO 14443
  • ISO 15693
  • ISO 18000-6C