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Key Management

Higher security, future proof and easy to use


Based on PRELAM® and NXP MIFARE Plus chip family, the security level of Linxens Key Management solution can be enhanced by activating the chip security switch to a higher level. The security level switch and pre-loaded key services are offered by Linxens. Products are shipped in Security Level 1 with pre-loaded Security Level 3 key into the chip enabling flexibility in security setup with existing infrastructure.

Security Level 1 (Crypto1)
MIFARE Plus Security Level 1 products are compatible with MIFARE Classic. 

Future Proof with Security Level 3 (AES)
Crypto1 security for authentication is not secure enough, therefore AES is mandatory for authentication, communication confidentiality and integrity.

New features such as the optional Random-ID, Virtual Card, and Proximity Check are available in Security Level 3.

Key Features

  • Keys are safely stored in HSM
  • 128-bit AES keys
  • Fully compatible with MIFARE Classic 1K / 4k 
  • Partners can either use their existing keys or Linxens generated keys
  • Key bundles are features specific to partners
  • Upgrade to security level 3 is possible at any time
  • Key diversification for every single PRELAM® tag