Provide luxurious heavy metal cards to beat the top-of-the-wallet challenges

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Provide luxurious heavy metal cards to beat the top-of-the-wallet challenges

The hype of luxurious metal credit cards is driven by consumers’ desire for style and status. The metal credit card answers the call allowing
cardholders to bring a little extra gravitas when it comes to paying the bill.
To meet consumer needs, Linxens has developed HeavyLAM® bringing innovation for both contact and dual-interface smartcards.


Linxens HeavyLAM® is a PVC-based PRELAM® with heavy weight insert making the final EMV card significantly heavier than the standard 5 g card.

Dual-interface cards made easy thanks to Linxens PROCOIL inlay which is seamlessly integrated in the manufacture of heavy weight cards.

Compatible with standard card production processes, and complying with today’s value chain and PVC card construction, card manufacturers continue to provide standard features such as the magstripe, hologram and holofoil. Financial institutions can therefore provide a full range of brand differentiation features for high-end cards.

Linxens HeavyLAM® is available in two models:
• Tungsten HeavyLAM®: Heavy weight premium insert for 15-20 g bankcards
• Stainless steel HeavyLAM®: Medium weight insert for 7-12 g bank cards

Module Configurations


  • 8-pin/6-pin
  • Gold or Palladium finish
  • Contact and dual interface
  • Customized color/logo


  • 400 μm thickness including top & bottomPVC overlays

Compliance Labels

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001 


  • Customized sheet formats
  • Available in different PVC substrate colors