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Copper Etched Antennas

Linxens is a leading value-added supplier of miniaturized copper etched antennas for special applications


Linxens designs and manufactures small copper-etched antennas suitable for applications ranging from luxury consumer product authentication to asset tracking in harsh environments.

Our significant manufacturing capacity is backed up by world-class RF expertise. Linxens has invested in state-of-the-art RF laboratory equipment to optimize the performance of antennas.

Key Features

  • Single-/double-sided antenna
  • Track-space down to 50/50 µm
  • Wire bond & flip chip compatible
  • Flexible antennas (IPC TM-650 bending tests)
  • Best-in-class corrosion resistance for long life cycle 

Operating Temperature

  • Extended temperature range 
  • Continuous service: 24 hrs at 160°C
  • Up to 3 min at 260°C

Operating Frequency

  • HF (13.56 Mhz)  
  • UHF (860-960 MHz)


  • Epoxy glass from 75 to 200 µm
  • Polymide from 50 and 75 µm
  • PET 50 µm
  • Copper 18-70 µm

Compliance Labels

  • NFC-ISO 18092
  • ISO 14443
  • ISO15693
  • ISO18006

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