RFID Inlays for Automotive Industry

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Linxens partners with global RFID Label Converters and System Integrators to provide car manufacturers with RFID labels in order to track automotive parts and assets, optimize industrial production lines, as well as improve inventory and supply chain management.

Linxens, crafting the future of connections. We build the most reliable and innovative components-based solutions to enable secure connections, authentication and tracking. Thus, we have already supplied more than 110 billion microconnectors and 5 billion RFID antennas to the market since our business was founded. 

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Linxens Plays a Vital Role in the RFID Value Chain

Linxens RFID Inlays are used in various types of automotive applications:
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Industrial Supply Chain

Linxens plays a vital role in the Supply Chain Management System. RFID inlays can be used at each step of the Automotive supply chain helping car manufacturers manage complex process, from tracking spare parts coming from different suppliers, to monitoring parts on each phase of the production, to storing assembled cars in the warehouse, until delivery to car dealers. The robustness and reliability of Linxens inlays are key assets in the implementation of RFID systems in Automotive Supply Chain.

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Industrial Production Lines

The average vehicle has around 30,000 individual parts. Each of those parts is either manufactured in-house or sourced from a third-party provider. A delay in just one section of the production line can slow down the manufacture and distribution of critical components, resulting in a strong drop in production efficiency.

Automotive manufacturers and Tier-1/Tier-2 suppliers are therefore moving towards just-in-time manufacturing, which brings the needs of a better visibility on automotive parts location. Using a RFID system with Linxens RFID inlays enable track & trace of parts in the production line and when they are due to arrive at each stage. The robustness and reliability of Linxens inlays enable safe track and trace all along the production line, despite harsh environments.

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Returnable Transport Items (RTI)

Returnable Transport Items are heavily used in the Automotive Industry to move materials, parts, tools or finished goods in production lines. With Linxens inlays integrated within the RFID system, Returnable Transport Items are tracked securely, and visibility on assets' location is improved all along the production line. Managers in charge will therefore have access to automotive parts that are in inventory, particularly their locations at any given time on the production lines, and how long they stay in each premises. The robustness & reliability of Linxens inlays are key assets to enable safe traceability of RTIs in Automotive Supply Chain.

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Inventory Management

Establishing accurate inventory visibility at every warehouse of the production sites on a periodic basis is crucial for the overall Automotive Industry. With Linxens inlays integrated in a RFID system, manufacturers and suppliers can ensure smooth supply of raw materials and spare parts, avoid over-production and over-stocking (or vice versa) which in either way have obvious performance & financial benefits for companies. The reliability and robustness of Linxens inlays can accurately track the assets wherever they are stored.