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Maximum customized configurations for various applications


Linxens Module has many facets that can be tailored to different applications. Modules are delivered on a reel that serve either as a SIM, contact payment, contactless payment or transport card. These products are used in the telecom, financial services, transport and access control markets throughout the world.

Thanks to Linxens’ latest packaging technologies and tape innovations, companies can optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and support continuous gains in productivity and efficiency in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Besides, Linxens has the agility to meet client requirements more effectively by offering maximum customized product configurations, as well as drop shipping service and fast on-site delivery to facilitate the supply chain processes.

Below are some of the many module structures that can be designed:

SIM module

  • OptiSIM family
  • 6-pin Au finish
  • Ag alloy wire 20μm
  • Glob Top

Banking module

  • OptiBANK family
  • 6-pin Au finish
  • Au wire 20μm
  • Dam & Fill

Pure Contactless

  • Leadframe tape
  • CuSn6 metal alloy
  • Au wire 23μm
  • Overmolding

RFID module

  • Single-sided antenna
  • Anti-tarnish finish
  • Au wire 20μm
  • Glob Top


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