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Linxens is a leading value-added supplier of miniaturized connectors for high-quality product requirements


Linxens Connectors help chip manufacturers and OEMs easily embed elements into consumables such as printer ink cartridges.

Major printer manufacturers use smart chips on cartridges for accurate diagnosis and prevention against counterfeit ink cartridges; A smart cartridge communicates its parameters to the printer via a contact module, the printer can then verify authentication and cartridge performance.

Our tailor-made connectors meet the design and performance requirements of end-user application.

Key Features

  • Single-/double-sided antenna
  • Wire bond & flip chip compatible
  • Best-in-class corrosion resistance for long life cycle 

Operating Temperature

  • Extended temperature range 
  • Continuous service: 24 hrs at 160°C
  • Up to 3 minutes at 260°C


  • Epoxy glass: 75 µm - 200 µm
  • Polymide: 50 µm - 75 µm
  • Copper: 18 µm - 70 µm

Compliance Labels

  • ISO 14443
  • ISO7816
  • USB, SPI and I²C

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