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Colored Substrates

Cutting-edge and distinctive solution to assert your brand image

Colored Substrates for Premium Differentiation

Linxens has developed innovative solutions that enhance the power of cards as marketing tools and enable card issuers to keep their brands ahead of the curve.

Colored substrates with custom etched logos give card designers more space for creativity and card issuers new ways to offer unique cards to their clients. By providing cards that stand out, companies in the financial services, healthcare, transport, hospitality, leisure and entertainment sectors can promote their brands above the competition.

These features are also recommended for governments to affirm their national emblems, as well as to protect from card counterfeiting.

Colored substrates are available for both 6-pin and 8-pin modules and are offered in flexible batch sizes to meet the needs of a range of different business cases. Thanks to the module packaging services, Linxens becomes a one-stop shop assembly service, combining tape, packaging & OS loading into one product to shorten card manufacturing lead time.

Color Options

  • Cherry Red
  • Amber Orange
  • Navy Blue
  • Snow White
  • Plum Purple
  • Jade Green

Substrates available for:

Compatible with


  • Enhance customer experience
  • Customers become brand ambassadors
  • This solution addresses various vertical markets

Deliverables and Sample Requests

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