Smart Access

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Let's design practical and secure access solutions
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Access control is an integral part of our daily lives. For example, it is used to enter a university or work, access an establishment or sensitive data, and even open a parking lot or a car. We innovate with our partners so authorized users can get instant access to whatever is protected.
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Evolving towards intelligent access control systems

Employee security, the fight against intrusions, flow management, data protection… Issues of access control and identification are at the heart of security concerns. Linxens helps public institutions, companies, and sensitive sites and facilities to protect their physical and digital access effectively. We develop innovative, multimodal, and sustainable solutions that meet the most complex physical, digital, and health security needs. Thanks to our expertise, we can equip the most sensitive areas with our biometric cards and the most committed to sustainability with recycled PVC or wood cards.

New wooden access card solutions

Linxens offers RFID access cards made of wood from sustainably managed European forests. Plastic-free, these innovative solutions provide an aesthetic and durable alternative to market players aspiring to make their security solutions more sustainable.

Reinforce security in public and private places

Visiting a library or an industrial site is quite different. At Linxens, we believe each infrastructure is unique and requires tailor-made and scalable physical and digital identity management. Our expertise in biometrics and smart cards allows us to meet the most complex needs. We develop multimodal solutions capable of managing precise systems, such as dual frequency and contact management. With our partners, we are accelerating the deployment of biometrics to strengthen the protection of sites and people while ensuring simple and fast identification— even within the most sensitive institutions, such as banks.

"The market for access cards is fantastic and allows us to let our imagination run wild."
Céline Littre, Product Marketing Manager at Linxens
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Provide peace of mind to users

To prove their identity and be able to move freely, users must comply with ever more intense and time-consuming security policies. Situations that can be tiring, especially when they are experienced daily. However, there are solutions: identifying yourself by iris recognition rather than entering a PIN code can change everything. At Linxens, we believe that access solutions play a crucial role in people's lives, helping them move efficiently and safely wherever they go. Our goal? Provide practical, reliable, and efficient access solutions that simplify people's lives and promote engagement.

A card specially designed for cars

Linxens technology extends to the automotive market with an intuitive, ergonomic, and secure access card that opens and starts the vehicle. In addition, simplicity of use suggests that it could be generalized, particularly as emergency solutions.