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Give your customers a superior payment experience

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What if we made cardholders want to place yours at the top of their wallet? For banks and financial institutions, payment cards are a unique medium for offering a personalized payment experience to their customers. With our partners, we help you design the card that will make all the difference.
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Imagining the future of payment solutions together

Reinforcement of regulations, digitization of uses, the emergence of new players… The banking market is changing rapidly. At Linxens, we know that the card is essential in linking banks and their customers. Given that it embeds all the latest payment features, of course. Our ambition? Helping you integrate new technologies into the design and development of your products. Our solutions are designed to meet the most demanding payment experiences, whether in terms of security with biometrics or eco-responsibility with our EcoLAM products.

Biometrics to strengthen the security of means of payment

The modules for biometric payment cards developed by Linxens make authentication by PIN code obsolete in favor of identification by fingerprint. Thanks to biometric sensors, customers benefit from a new payment experience ensuring smoother and more secure transactions.

The acceleration of eco-responsible payment solutions

It is our responsibility to provide sustainable solutions to our customers. Therefore, we have developed EcoLAM®, a range of inlays made from renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials.

"The evolution of the bank card is the responsibility of all players in the payment chain to offer useful innovations that enhance its attractiveness."
Franck Germain, VP Marketing of Linxens.
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Revealing the potential of next-generation technologies

Our ultra-reliable technology allows you to evolve the payment experience to meet your customers' expectations. An extensive network of partners recognizes us for our ability to imagine tailor-made solutions while ensuring a responsive and agile production capacity. Innovative, customizable, and sustainable, our technologies allow you to add new functionalities to payment cards, such as using dynamic security codes to reduce the number of frauds. In the age of “everything dematerialized,” we help you unleash the technological and relational power of the physical payment card to make it a real lever for differentiation and loyalty.

Linxens and Ellipse, a state-of-the-art partnership

Linxens has developed a module integrating Ellipse's EVC All-in-One technology. This solution has the particularity of replacing the Electronic Verification Code (EVC ™) with a liquid crystal display whose numbers change with each payment transaction. Thanks to this innovation, we allow you to respond to users' concerns regarding online payment security by limiting the risk of fraud.

Make everyday life easier for consumers

Today, it is common for customers to have one, two, or even three bank cards in their wallets. So how can we make sure yours stay top-of-mind? By launching THE card we pick first that offers a payment experience that combines efficiency, security, and ease. Linxens solutions allow customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience online, in-store, or with friends while maintaining control over their transactions and data. And with our customization, they can do so in style! Wooden card, metal card, colored electronic modules… The bank card becomes an object that reflects the personality of its holder. Together, we can design the one that will suit your customers the best and make them want to show their commitment to you with pride.