Our Passion for EHS & Quality

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure workplace for all our employees.
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Linxens is committed to providing a secure work environment for all its employees. An environment where they are not burdened by concerns for their personal safety or security due to internal or external threats. To ensure the safety and security of employees, safeguards are provided as needed, both through Collective Bargaining agreements (or similar instruments) and local company policies and practices.

Find out more about our Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) approach in our CSR Code of Conduct.

3P Quality Excellence

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Linxens is proud to offer extremely high quality products and solutions to valued customers throughout the world. Every day, our employees perfect processes in order to propose products that are best adapted to our clients’ expectations. This continuous improvement has earned us the trust of our clients and the recognition of our partners.

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In order to structure these continuous improvement actions across our sites, ensuring we get things ‘Right the First Time’ at every stage of our products’ life cycles, we have implemented our 3P Quality Excellence program.

3P Quality Excellence is a way of structuring, harmonizing and aligning our various quality processes across the company.

3P Quality Excellence is founded on three pillars:


  • Challenge and support the Quality of Product Design & Project Execution
  • Coach the resolution of Customer and Internal Quality issues


  • Support the appropriation and the improvement of our standard for Project Execution, from guidelines, tools, management routines and governances
  • Continuously improve our Manufacturing Process control, from suppliers to delivery


  • Build an agile Quality organization
  • Develop Problem Solving skills in and out of the Quality network
  • Be inspirational through exemplary behaviours and bringing challenging ideas

We know that by getting things right the first time, we take customer satisfaction one step further.

Standards and Certifications

Linxens' products are recognized by highest level of industry standards and comply with the following certifications (please click on the link to download them):

Linxens Group

Linxens France

Linxens Germany

Linxens Thailand

Linxens Singapore

Linxens China

Linxens India

Likewise, as we aim for quality excellence, Linxens complies with ISO TS 16949 which is the Quality System Management standard for the automotive industry. It incorporates standards for addressing and supporting all processes associated with manufacturing excellence, such as purchasing, R&D and project management. 


In recognition of our commitment to Quality, we have received several prestigious awards: