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Linxens announces the World's first pre-laminated inlay, for sustainable ID documents

By Linxens , on November 22nd 2022

Linxens announces the World's first pre-laminated inlay made of partially recycled polycarbonate material. The inlay corresponds to the inner layers containing the electronic part of an identity document (identity card and passport).

Linxens successfully brings to the market an inlay which will reduce the environmental impact of every official identity document without compromising on the durability, reliability and security of the document. This innovation was made possible thanks to the strong partnership between Linxens and Covestro, a leader in the supply of polycarbonate material for the government identity industry.

As more and more identity documents (passports and ID cards) worldwide are using polycarbonate, a material that ensures a high durability and enables the addition of strong security features, Linxens is convinced of the need to act rapidly to provide solutions to the environmental and societal challenges facing the world with the use of a recycled polycarbonate.  

This initiative is a huge step forward to help government in the transition towards a circular economy.

After the success of its recycled PVC and recycled PETg inlays for debit and credit cards that revolutionized the banking industry, Linxens is taking a new step towards a greener and a more sustainable future. 

“The addition of the inlay partially made of recycled polycarbonate to our products catalog is a great step towards a greener governmental identity industry” says Vincent Gourmelen, Government Marketing Director at Linxens.

“Our goal is to embed circular economic principles into the fabric of our operations and our partnership with Linxens is an excellent example of how helping our customers to achieve their ambition to offer more sustainable technology solutions” said Dr. Aleta Richards, Head of Specialty Films at Covestro. 

Linxens will showcase its comprehensive product portfolio at Trustech in Paris (France) from November 29 th to December 1st 2022. 

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