United Nations Global Compact

By Linxens , on November 07th 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility - Linxens and the United Nations Global Compact

As the flagship initiative from the United Nations for the world of business, the UN Global Compact offers companies the chance to build a better world. Their commitment helps to address issues such as poverty and inequality, while promoting peace, health and education. Linxens joined the UNGC in August 2017 and is among 9,000 of the world’s leading companies to have signed the agreement, which is at the heart of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.


To achieve its goals, the UNGC encourages companies to act responsibly and sustainably in everything they do. In practical terms, the compact helps them in two ways:


  • It provides a set of 10 Principles to abide by in their strategies and operations (click here)
  • It supports the use of collaboration and innovation to achieve broader objectives for society, notably the UN Sustainable Development Goals (click here)

By becoming a signatory, Linxens has agreed to make a public declaration of its UNGC commitment to all its relevant stakeholders, including our customers and suppliers. In accordance with the Global Compact’s directives, each year Linxens will submit a Communication on Progress (CoP), which will describe the Group’s internal efforts to deploy the 10 principles within the group.