The main trends in the Access and HLE market segments and Linxens' solutions

By Linxens , on April 06th 2021
Céline Littré, Product Marketing Manager, gives us her insights into the main trends in the Access and HLE market segments and Linxens' solutions.


Main trends in the Access and HLE segments

The hospitality market has been highly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, with fewer people traveling, resulting in lower demand for hotel access cards.

Nonetheless, the Global Access Control Market is expected to increase by 9.75% by 2024(1) and Linxens is ready for this, committed to offering solutions with higher security.
In parallel, we are also seeing a strong demand from the markets for more sustainable products, especially for Hospitality and Leisure, where our final customers are very sensitive to this kind of attention. To answer this call for greener products, Linxens is driving its innovative sustainable solutions which include : EcoLAM, which is our eco-friendly PRELAM for greener plastic cards. Our EcoLAM Inlays can be manufactured using over 98% recycled PET-G (polyethylene terephthalate) which helps to reduce carbon footprint in the smartcard industry and createan environmentally responsible supply chain.

In parallel we are also developing plastic-free solutions such as paper inlays and PRELAMs and wood cards

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Reports also show that the global biometrics market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. During the COVID-19 crisis we saw the demand for contactless biometric solutions increase, notably in the financial sector, and Linxens is ready accompany this trend and to use its expertise in biometric fingerprint solutions for bank cards to bring innovative security features to access cards.

Linxens is also working closely with the main chips suppliers to be able to propose enhanced and secured products, and coupled with its module packaging services, is a one-stop shop assembly service, combining tape, packaging & OS loading into one product to shorten card manufacturing lead time.

What are the Access and HLE market segments?

Access refers to all types of access control whether it be to university, or government building, or even a car. Many of you may use a card to access your office, and it is possible that it contains an RFID Antenna from Linxens.

Hospitality solutions are primarily for hotels which are massively switching from magstripe to RFID chip-based cards for better security. Our RFID technology provides a guarantee of reliable, trouble free access to rooms.

Leisure and Entertainment covers solutions for ski, theme park and festival passes, for example. Our main products for these markets are PRELAMs, which are wire antennas embedded in a PVC layer connected to a secured chip.

We also propose a wide range of chips - LF, HF and UHF - depending on the expected reading distances, and different levels of security in line with the requirements of our customers.

We can also manufacture full white cards, Clamshells and Keyfobs and our solutions for the leisure and entertainment markets can adapted to special form factors such as wristbands or tickets, depending on the customers’requirements.

®PRELAM is a registered Trademark owned by Linxens
(1) Access Control Market - Size, Outlook, Trends and Forecasts (2018 - 2024) (envisioninteligence.com)

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Céline Littré - Product Marketing Manager


Céline Littré joined Linxens in 2007 as R&D Engineer, in charge of new materials development, expertise and benchmarking before becoming Field Application Engineer in 2011, working directly with our customers and being immersed in the smartcard ecosystem.
In February 2020, Céline was appointed Product Marketing Manager, in charge of the Access and HLE (Hospitality/Leisure/Entertainment) segment and supporting card customization for our clients in the banking segment.