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Linxens creates its world-class biometric center in its plant in Mantes-la-Jolie, France

By Linxens , on May 09th 2022

Linxens, a world expert in the manufacture of electronic components, is concretizing its development projects and investing 5 million euros for its biometric sensor assembly workshop based in Mantes-la-Jolie. As a result, the Ile-de-France plant becomes the Linxens Group's global biometric competence center.

Linxens confirms its investments in the biometrics sector in Mantes-la-Jolie

Linxens' investment in its biometric module manufacturing line has enabled the installation of a clean room and high-tech equipment ensuring the assembly of biometric sensors with all the guarantees of quality and reliability. This is a breakthrough that will facilitate access to and implementation of large-scale production of this type of sensor for card manufacturers. The centralization of the various stages of sensor design and production guarantees a competitive solution and rapid development.

In the long term, Linxens' ambition is to ensure the expansion of this new generation of high-tech cards incorporating a biometric sensor. The project has been supported by the France Recovery Plan (France Relance).

"By creating our world-class biometric center in Mantes-la-Jolie, we will provide a unique solution to our customers for the current and future development of our various products. It is also a great opportunity for our teams in Mantes to acquire new skills and competencies in a promising technology" explains Arnaud Brunetière, Chief Operating Officer of Linxens. 

Biometrics, a technology of the future for all sectors

Security issues are at the heart of current problems related to identification and authentication. Biometrics ensures improved security but also ease of use, such as payment without the use of a code for bank card purchases.

The biometric sensor present in Linxens' products allows the user to be identified by a fingerprint sensor present on the card. This technology is therefore not reserved for a specific sector but, on the contrary, is suitable for various uses such as payment validation, access to a building or document authentication (passport, ID card). Biometrics should quickly become a key component of authentication and data security and is part of Linxens' growth strategy to support its historical customers or to develop on new markets.

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