Linxens: Crafting the future of connections

By Linxens , on November 20th 2017

Linxens keeps on evolving and now offers a wide range of solutions for contact and contactless secured connections.

This evolution needed to be promoted through a new, enhanced brand identity.

The name Linxens, synonymous with expertise, reliability, and innovation, remains the same:

Linx for link, contact, connection;

Xens for sense, intelligence, rationality;

Linxens, making smart connections smarter.

The logo has changed, inspired from the design of an original printed board, a technology on which Linxens was founded.

The logo symbolizes seamless connections and is the connection in motion; the indescribable moment when someone’s heart beats just a bit faster: taking a train to attend that important meeting, crossing a border to meet a client or making that scheduled phone call, or simply, when buying a gift for a loved-one.

When and where these connections matter, we ensure that moment and help billions of people around the world experience technology seamlessly.

We are not just a supplier. We take design and manufacturing one step further through imagining a solution, conceiving it and testing it, delivering the only possible answer to our clients’ expectations.

We are Linxens, crafting the future of connections.