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Linxens strengthens its position in the connected health market with the acquisition of Nile, a Swedish key player in the healthcare market

By Linxens , on November 02nd 2022

Linxens, is extending its expertise in the healthcare field with the acquisition of a majority stake in Nile, a company dedicated to the development and production of printed and converted products for the medical market.

Over the past decades, Linxens has leveraged its expertise and know-how to develop innovative sensing solutions dedicated to connected medical care. 
Today, Linxens is announcing its acquisition of a majority stake in Nile to continue its development in the healthcare field.

This integration comes with double leverage as QiXi Industrial Technology (TianJin) Co., Ltd, today indirectly and partially owned by Nile becomes as part of this transaction fully owned and incorporated in Nile. By leveraging Linxens' technological expertise and industrial footprint, Nile will be able to meet the growing demand of its customers for smart patches/wearables. These products are one of the answers to the challenges of the healthcare market today, which is faced with a sharp increase in chronic diseases on the one hand and a shortage of hospital staff on the other.

"With Linxens, we will expand our product manufacturing capabilities as well as our R&D efforts, opening up new opportunities for our customers and the overall global market. As the founder of Nile, I am very excited about this new venture. Ever since the start we have had a great development and extraordinary growth. Under the wings of Linxens Nile will be able to grow to the next level, further, stronger and with a more global presence.” said Peter Nilsson, founder and CEO of Nile. 


With Nile, Linxens will accelerate healthcare innovations with a unique combination of technical expertise and product research and development capabilities. A new pipeline of healthcare innovations will emerge designed with the complementary expertise of Linxens and Nile. Linxens' new applications will enable the emergence of a new generation of patient services for chronic disease management and home care.

"The world of medical care is evolving towards increased remote patient monitoring, real-life data requirements, and general connectivity. The unique know-how of Linxens in this field, plus our expertise in large-scale production, combined with Nile’s experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and recognized capabilities in this space creates a unique new Healthcare actor. We together will contribute to moving the standards of care and developing new solutions, addressing unmet needs in multiple areas including point of care diagnostic and medical grade wearable devices", said Yvan Malepart, senior vice president of global sales and marketing at Linxens, who has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Nile.


The Nile name and brand will remain. Nile’s organization remains unchanged, Peter Nilsson continues as CEO of the company, along with his entire management team. 

"With Nile's highly advanced and technical machinery and healthcare culture, we will make our ambition a reality: enabling innovation for better health! Together, we will become a major player in a critical industry. Collectively, we will bring more value to the medical market and more comfort to patients. A new chapter in the healthcare industry is upon us", concludes Cuong H Duong, CEO of Linxens.

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