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"Just Draw It": When Future Designers Embrace Linxens Technology  

By Linxens , on March 31st 2023

"Just Draw It": When Future Designers Embrace Linxens Technology

It's a match between the technology leader and design students! Linxens is proud to announce its collaboration with l’École de design de Nantes Atlantique for the "Just Draw It" project. The challenge invites about 20 students in the 3rd year of the DNMADE INTERNATIONAL program at the École de design Nantes Atlantique to imagine innovative solutions based on Linxens technology.

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Harnessing Collective Intelligence to Design New Connected Products

This extensive program will punctuate the daily lives of future designers for three months. Our goal through this collaborative project is to combine the potential of our expertise with the creativity of students to innovate, conceptualize and develop a new solution around private or public water monitoring.

Today, the majority of water control systems are optical products or electronic devices designed for professionals. Linxens wishes to participate in the development of a more accessible tool that enables the general public to measure water quality through sensors connected to a smartphone. While technology can help measure the quality of bathing water (pools, basins, lakes...), many applications remain to be imagined to conquer new markets. This is where the talented students of l’École de design de Nantes Atlantique come in.

During this project, designers students immerse themselves in a real pedagogical experience serving progress and innovation. Their challenge is to create a fictional brand, reflect on the product's strategic positioning, and model a feasible solution that meets real consumer uses with concrete situations.

“The design part in a technological innovation is crucial, because it allows to highlight the benefit of use beyond the simple technological benefit. For an innovation to be well received, it is not enough that it is technically efficient, but it must also be easy to use and accepted by the general public. Therefore, revisiting design is a key element to improve the adoption of innovations. This is why we wanted to collaborate with l’École de design de Nantes Atlantique, to get a new perspective on our products.” Nicolas de Guillebon, Innovation Director at Linxens

L’École de design de Nantes Atlantique: An Inspiration for the Industry of the Future

A real reference in the world of design, l’École de design de Nantes Atlantique is a recognized institution with international influence. A pioneer, it claims a unique positioning, considering design as a strategic discipline at the service of a responsible and sustainable world. The school makes a point of promoting exchanges between students and businesses. The "Just Draw It" project illustrates the school's professional anchoring by enabling students to collaborate on real issues.

"Just draw it, just do it, just think it ... Based on Linxens' precise, simple and efficient technologies, this first project illustrates very well the common will to conceive clear semantics, obvious uses and accessible designs. A great challenge that our students from 8 different countries are delighted to take up." Olivier Pigasse, supervisor at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique and designer

Linxens shares with l’École de design de Nantes Atlantique the ambition to think about the world of tomorrow, taking into account technological, societal, and environmental developments. We also share the conviction that design is at the heart of innovation strategies, enabling the exploration of new universes and the imagining of new uses. This partnership is an opportunity for Linxens to rethink its practices with a differentiating approach.

"The project that our students are currently carrying out with Linxens perfectly illustrates the commitment of l’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique to project-based teaching. Feeding on real contexts, constraints and problems, exploring the field of possibilities in order to produce visions and scenarios of the future, such is our methodological approach to support companies in their transformation in the face of tomorrow's issues and challenges." Florent Orsoni, Director of Foresight at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique

A Project Divided into Several Stages

  • Partnership launch on February 27, 2023
  • A collaboration organized around eight four-hour sessions over three months
  • A final presentation organized on May 15, 2023

Follow the "Just Draw It" project's progress in real-time on our LinkedIn account !

Photo ©Jean-Charles Queffélec