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CES 2023: our overview of trends displayed in healthcare

By Linxens , on January 13th 2023

The CES in Las Vegas has just closed its doors. Franck Germain, VP Marketing of Linxens, a global expert in the manufacturing of electronic components, attended the event. He proposes to establish an overview of trends which are displayed, in particular in the field of health, sector on which Linxens already realizes nearly 10 % of its turnover and wishes to accelerate its development:

  • "The connected care pathway tends to become the new healthcare model. The connectivity of goods and people will extend to the medical field to designate a hybrid health, combining online consultation and physical monitoring. Telemedicine, remote diagnosis, patient monitoring and remote surveillance will be generalized, driven by a situation of medical deserts, an aging population and a better defined legal framework. The technology, already available to consumers, will be used at the service of health, with sensors making it possible to measure not just 1 or 2 data points but several vital signs at once, providing - and this is where the revolution comes from - the reliability of a certified medical device."

However, the expert highlights some points of attention:

  • "Data protection will be a core concern in this new model. Players entering this market will need to be aware of the need to protect patients' personal data."
  • "The main markets for these medical devices, the United States and Europe, have two different dynamics but both tend to evolve. On the one hand, the European system based on public reimbursements, requires cost control associated with the therapeutic effectiveness of the solution to allow deployments, authorized by organizations which centralize the choice. On the other hand, the North American approach proposes to patients medical devices financed by private insurances and therefore less limited on the supply of certain devices with a more diversified offer. In any case, all of these approaches will converge towards a generalization of connected care."
  • "The electronics industry will have to take into account CSR issues in its development strategies. Sobriety being the watchword for all economic sectors, the electronics sector will not be spared and will also have to make efforts on environmental and societal issues. The strategy of these companies must imperatively include a CSR component, involving, among other things, the environmental impact of electronic components or the control of energy consumption. Thus, the use of recycled plastic in highly regulated sectors will gradually become an obligation."

If you wish to discuss with Franck Germain, Vice President of Marketing at Linxens, do not hesitate to contact us.

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