Business Continuity Information

By Linxens , on June 15th 2020

Hopefully, the worst of the Covid19 crisis is behind us. In most countries around the world, confinement rules have been relaxed or totally lifted and life is progressively getting back to normal.

Nevertheless, at Linxens, vigilance and care for our employees remain at the heart of our work practices. We continue to monitor the situation on each of our sites on a daily basis. Quarantine is maintained for any employee who could have been in contact with the Covid19 virus, be it through contact with infected people or travel to at-risk countries.
In addition, all safety measures, barrier gestures and safety equipment supply remain applied on our sites, as well as teleworking for all of our employees whose activity allows such organization.

Looking at our production capabilities, we are delighted to announce that our sites are mostly fully operational. In India, the situation remains tense but it’s improving every day and we hope to be at 100% capacity in the coming days.

In terms of supply chain, our supply for raw material is improving, which ensures better conditions for our deliveries. The transportation situation remains tense, therefore our dedicated task force is still operating in order to minimize the possible impact of the drop in traffic on your delivery times.

Our commercial contacts, customer services department and supply chain teams remain available by email or telephone to answer all your questions and to keep our customers informed on the status of their current or future orders. We progressively lighten our travel restrictions so that our sales teams will soon be able to meet with their clients and prospects in person if needed. Please feel free to contact us in order to evaluate the possibility of organizing such meetings.

We wish to thank all our Customers for their continuing support and trust during these unprecedented times. We remain mobilized to guarantee the best service possible.

We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.