Business Continuity Information

By ppeltierveiler… , on March 20th 2020

The Covid-19 epidemic is causing an unprecedented crisis globally. Every day, new and sometimes contradictory information is disseminated and shared. In order to provide our clients and partners with the clearest and most up-to-date information as possible, we will publish as many situation updates as necessary during the coming weeks.

First of all, we would like to emphasize that in all the countries where Linxens is present, the health and safety of our employees remains our top priority. Based on information and decisions from local governments, we will adapt our working methods to guarantee each Linxens employee the best conditions to fight against Covid-19 contamination.

The situation in Linxens to date:

Business continuity plans have been activated on all of our sites, and are regularly reviewed as the situation evolves.

  • In Thailand, the strengthening of sanitary measures does not hamper our production. Our Ayutthaya factories are operational and we have anticipated our supplies in order to be able to respond to your requests. In addition, we are deploying a dedicated business plan that allows us to accelerate and increase our production capacity to meet your exceptional demands.
  • In Singapore, our factory in Changi is operating appropriately, all measures have been taken to comply with the sanitary rules required by the local government and to guarantee the safety of our employees.
  • In China, all our sites are operating normally. Strict health and safety measures are still in place.
  • By decision of the Indian government, our factories in Mumbai were closed on March 21st, until further notice. Employees whose missions allow it are teleworking. Thus, our sales teams are available to answer your enquiries and requests.
  • In Europe, while respecting the containment measures taken by various governments, all of our employees whose missions allow it are teleworking. In our factories, drastic measures have been put in place to ensure business continuity in a safe and secure environment for our employees. All our European plants are operating.

In all the countries where we are present, we have deployed a task force dedicated to organizing the transport of our merchandise. However, due to the reduction in the freight supply the delivery time might increase. We will keep you informed immediately if any of your orders are affected.
Your commercial contacts, customer services department and supply chain teams remain available by email or telephone to answer all your questions and to keep you informed on the status of your current or future orders.

Linxens remains mobilized to guarantee our valued customer the best service possible during these difficult times.

We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.