Manufacturing & Logistics

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Let's accelerate the transition to Industry 4.0

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To cope with the explosion of e-commerce and the internationalization of trade, production chains are changing to become industry 4.0. Whether it's factories, warehouses, or supply chains, we work with all our partners to help enterprises gain productivity, competitiveness, and safety by digitizing systems.
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Explore technology for a more efficient and sustainable industry

To successfully meet consumer demands while addressing environmental concerns, manufacturers are looking to digitize their logistics systems and optimize their supply chains. Linxens puts technology at the service of these ambitions. We contribute to developing monitoring and tracking solutions that optimize inventory management and incident prevention. Beyond better monitoring of supplies and the flow of goods, our technology can also be used to control the origin of materials, optimize energy consumption, offer new recycling possibilities, and even calculate the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain—all this, whatever the sector of activity. In Aeronautics, automotive, household appliances, and even tomorrow's agriculture, our technology adapts to the preconditions and obstacles encountered.

Key figures
+ 90%
of Industry 4.0 players have started considering their environmental transition.*
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*Source: Wavestone barometer of industry 4.0

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Meeting new industry challenges

Demand forecasting, hazard anticipation, inventory tracking, risk management… Manufacturers are now aware of the value of data collection and analysis to develop AI and machine learning. At Linxens, we are convinced that collecting accurate and reliable data is crucial to help companies become more competitive and secure. Hand in hand with our partners, we contribute to developing customizable and scalable digital solutions to adjust manufacturing in real time and improve preventive maintenance that significantly reduces production and maintenance costs. And because productivity depends on the teams' well-being, we improve employees' safety and satisfaction by limiting risks and hardship. For example, our sensors can detect overheating of electrical systems, control water or air quality, or monitor temperature variations. Reliable, resistant, and flexible, our technologies adapt to the most demanding environments—a winning combination for business profitability, employee quality of life, and end customer satisfaction.

RFID technology is transforming the industry

RFID technology opens new horizons for industries. Linxens RFID tags provide real-time product location and status data. Integrating smart sensors into the supply chain ensures better performance tracking, pinpointing bottlenecks, and notification of maintenance alerts.

Ensuring a better customer experience

Technological developments are accelerating to meet customers' requirements, demanding personalization and immediacy. Linxens technology can help businesses make a difference by delivering an exceptional experience with every interaction. With industries and startups, we imagine applications that have a real impact on end customers. Among them is the possibility of increasing responsiveness, improving traceability, limiting the risk of errors, or even giving better visibility to customers. This is the case, for example, of RFID tags on trucks that allow customers to follow the journey of the product or service they expect in real-time. By taking advantage of Linxens technology, manufacturers can deploy more agile organizations that increase the satisfaction and trust of their customers and their end-customers.