Liite by Linxens

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The new Liite substrate is the result of an important R&D development. We master the key technology blocks needed to develop high performance light solutions based on LED.
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The new Liite substrate features a fully packaged LED with many advantages:

  • Flexible module: fits the mechanical specifications of all products (geometry, design…) 
  • Optimal luminous efficacy (lm/W) 
  • Super lightweight (-50%) 
  • Electronic control according to the customer’s requests 
  • 50 000h lifespan 
  • High resistance to corrosion 
  • Efficient heat transfer     
  • Reel to reel manufacturing
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Liite developed strong skills in lighting systems: characterization and qualification of LED, electrical, light and optical engineering and manufacturing of LED sources.

Liite also masters the light engineering and color conversion thanks to its in-house phosphor's formulation. The preferred materials for the phosphor’s encapsulation are silicone resins as they have a high thermal resistance without yellowish, transparency and refractive index.

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Products & Solutions

Liite proposes LED flexible module for multiple applications: General lighting (shop, office, industrial…),  transportation (air, automotive, sea), smart lighting, and specifics (signal, ring flash…).

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COF Technology

The Chip on Flex (COF) module is a flexible LED module with a linear source which fits the mechanical specifications of all general lighting products (geometry, design…) and can be used in many lighting fixtures (trunks, roofs, tubes…).

The COF technology enables to develop a simple structure without soldering, easy to integrate and efficient heat transfer. With an optimal luminous efficacy, the COF module is the innovative solution for all lighting needs. Produced in reel-to-reel, the COF solution is adaptable to all lengths.

Discover Liite's LED solutions for linear lighting
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Customized modules

Liite is able to develop customized modules according to customer’s requests. For more information, you may contact us and share with us your lighting project.