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Let's imagine the hotel and leisure services of tomorrow

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All amusement parks, hotel complexes, and leisure resorts work to provide an unforgettable experience for their visitors. And that starts with making sure they can get around smoothly, safely, and responsibly. Here you will find how our technology can help you stand out by optimizing traveler services.
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Support your eco-responsible commitment

The hotel and leisure industry must reinvent itself to respond to a primary matter: how to offer eco-responsible services while meeting the new requirements of visitors in terms of experience. Linxens supports market players in this transition by developing sustainable and intelligent access solutions. How? By relentlessly innovating to extend our range of products made from new recycled materials and to integrate new functionalities into our materialized solutions. Thus, we can equip the most committed sites with recycled PVC or wood cards.

New wooden access card solutions

Linxens offers RFID access cards made from wood from sustainably managed European forests. Plastic-free, these innovative solutions provide an aesthetic and sustainable alternative to market players aspiring to position themselves as pioneers in sustainable tourism. Enough to make customers want to treasure their cards as souvenirs!

"We are convinced that the wooden card can interest the luxury hotel industry and the entertainment sector, which promotes an eco-responsible image and reaches a premium target, sensitive to the planet’s well-being."
Céline Littré, Product Marketing Manager at Linxens.
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Harnessing the power of bespoke technologies

Fluid access to services, personalization of the visitor experience, staff management, site security… Data has become hyper-strategic in attracting and retaining travelers. At Linxens, we know that the reliability and quality of the data collected are essential to allow you to refine your knowledge of your customers and adapt your services according to situations and preferences. Many prestigious hotel chains and amusement parks trust our tracking and monitoring technology to stay connected to their customers and offer them a unique experience that lives up to their reputation—something to make them want to extend or renew their stay and spread the word.

Effective operational management of establishments

Our solutions also simplify day-to-day logistics by optimizing internal processes. Freed from tedious and time-consuming tasks, employees can focus their energy on what matters: service. This is the case with the new inventory management devices for sheets or towels that we seek to develop for the hotel industry, thanks to the potential of RFID technology. This traceability system present in the labels can be used to follow the path of the products by locating them.

Key figures
of companies say data and analytics are at the heart of their transformation plans (Research and Markets, 2020)
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Provide original and personalized experiences

Why settle for unlocking your hotel room with a card when it can also be used to pay for the restaurant or book the SPA? Why spend your day queuing at a theme park when you can enjoy a shorter waiting time thanks to better flow management? During their stay, travelers seek escape and magic while feeling “at home.” At Linxens, we believe that access cards and connected objects can make travel more intuitive, more secure, and more fun. Together, we can develop tailor-made solutions allowing you to improve the satisfaction of your audiences by letting them take full advantage of the present moment. So, are you ready to imagine the future with us to go even further in the personalization of the customer experience?