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A modern hospital is a large and complex environment, bringing together a constantly moving of patients, medical staff and equipment. RFID technology from Linxens can bring efficiencies to all these areas, and help healthcare professionals devote more of their time and resources to patient care.
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At a time when demands on healthcare systems are increasing, while resources in many countries are coming under pressure, the need for efficiency becomes paramount. Yet managing the sheer scale of the modern hospital – between buildings, medical equipment, patients and staff - is a major challenge.

Linxens technology can address many of these issues. Our portfolio of RFID and Microconnector products can help locate people and assets allowing medical staff to focus on treating their patients.
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Time can be a priceless resource in a hospital. However, it can be wasted if doctors or nurses have to search for equipment, while also keeping track of their patients’ movements. With RFID tags from Linxens, transponders can instantly reveal the location of a piece of equipment, whether it is needed for urgent patient care or for routine maintenance. Service records can also be stored on tags to ensure on-time servicing and calibration.

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Mobile RFID

For patients, RFID wristbands provide the freedom to move around - whether for exercise or an appointment in a different department – without staff losing track of their whereabouts. Wristbands can also play a role in patient care, for example, by storing information about the medicines being prescribed for an individual – which can then be instantly matched with a bar code on the drug packaging. For doctors, wearing a wristband ensures that they can be quickly located by nursing staff if necessary, while the device also indicates when they are with a patient and therefore should not be disturbed.

Another area where Linxens can drive efficiencies is in hospital inventories, whether for pharmaceutical or general supplies. With Linxens RFID tags, removing the last batch of an item from its storage location can automatically trigger a replenishment order, while expiry dates of medicine can be more easily tracked to ensure patients' safety. Similarly, the handling and processing of biological samples can also be carried out more reliably when using Linxens RFID technology, rather than hand-written notes.

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Access control to protect confidential information

Linxens also has extensive smartcard expertise, which can be used for a range of medical-related applications, including health insurance cover and access control (whether for standard departmental entrances or confidential areas). Designed for long-term reliability in often challenging environments, the Linxens portfolio also makes security a top priority. Patient information and other data is kept safe by Linxens’ unique combination of hardware and software, while ensuring that our solutions are easy to use.

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