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Together, let's enable innovation for better care

Want to improve the patient experience? So do we! Whether it's making a better diagnosis, optimizing disease monitoring, or tailoring treatments, we innovate with our partners to deploy medical solutions that generate value and impact for patients, for medical companies, and for society.


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We accelerate the transformation of the healthcare system

An aging population, an increase in chronic diseases, hospital overcrowding... The healthcare system must evolve to cope with structural changes. And to do so, it can count on an unprecedented wave of innovations.
At Linxens, we are convinced that innovative technologies play a key role in the transition of healthcare models. Together with our partners, we are working tirelessly to develop and deploy new forms of integrated and connected care delivery.
Our ambition? To use our technology expertise to explore unmet needs, including point-of-care diagnostics and medical-grade wearable devices.

Key figures

+120% COMPARED TO 2016*
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We help smart medical technologies reach their potential

Home care, new connections between city medicine and the hospital... Thanks to scientific, therapeutic and technological advances, patients will be better and differently taken care of.

At Linxens, we develop advanced medical materials that unleash the power of digital tools to revolutionize patient experience, ability for patient to effectively & actively manage their own health, while ensuring the sustainability of the healthcare system.

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Connected medical care and point-of-care (POC)

The innovative interface and sensing solutions developed by Linxens herald a new model of home care. With this technology, the patient benefits from continuous healthcare while gaining comfort and autonomy. And the healthcare professional can focus on high value-added tasks. It's a win-win situation!  

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Biosensors for remote diagnostics

The smart patches developed by Linxens include biosensors capable of performing electrochemical analysis of liquids. With the data collected, healthcare professionals can remotely monitor their patients' signals.

Linxens strengthens its position in the connected health market with the acquisition of Nile, a Swedish key player in the healthcare market. "With Nile's highly advanced and technical machinery and healthcare culture, we will make our ambition a reality: enabling innovation for better health! Together, we will become a major player in a critical industry. Collectively, we will bring more value to the medical market and more comfort to patients. A new chapter in the healthcare industry is upon us", concludes Cuong H Duong, CEO of Linxens

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Linxens and Siemens Healthineers, a collaboration with high medical added value

Linxens has developed the epoc® blood analysis system that has been used by Siemens Healthineers Point of Care Business for the past ten years. A portable, wireless solution for fast and reliable electrochemical blood analysis using Linxens' unique noble metal plating capabilities.
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We take the future of connected care further

Designing tomorrow's healthcare system is not something that can be done alone. At Linxens, we believe in the power of the collective to rapidly and sustainably transform the healthcare system. This desire to move forward as a team has never left us and we regularly form fruitful alliances to accelerate the development of innovative and virtuous alternative solutions.

Most recently, we're taking a close look at the potential of smartphones to provide even more accessible care. We are working on the possibility of using smartphones as biosensor "readers". The benefit? To enable constant interaction between healthcare staff and patients, even in remote areas, while allowing patients to move around serenely and freely. Want to join us in the adventure?

“Leveraging on its experience in the healthcare market, Linxens continues to bring its sensing and connectivity solutions to enable and accelerate connected medical care around the world.”
François Germain, Medical & Sensor Business Development Manager.

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