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Guarantee identity solutions that combine
security and freedom

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Traveling, applying, voting, getting treatment, learning, driving… Accessing an identity means accessing a world of opportunities. That is why it is essential to protect it. Whether it's a passport, health insurance card, or permit, we help governments provide their nationals with secure, reliable, and durable documents that allow them to take full advantage of their identity.
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Imagine the augmented physical identity of tomorrow

In today's global context, providing and protecting citizens' identities has become an even more pressing challenge for governments that face daunting humanitarian, technological, and environmental challenges. Among them: providing a legal identity to all inhabitants, adapting to the explosion of connected services, and reducing their carbon footprint. Our ambition? Contribute to this challenge by helping governments develop trusted identity solutions. In addition, we prioritize our innovation efforts to secure interactions in a hybrid world where physical and virtual identities become one. We also encourage responsible production by favoring low-carbon materials that ensure the durability and viability of the documents.

“We contribute to a more responsible government identity industry, in particular by offering inlays partially designed in recycled polycarbonate."
Vincent Gourmelen, Government Marketing Director at Linxens.
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Building trust between citizens and governments

To protect civil rights and privacy, governments must ensure the reliability and security of their identification systems. At Linxens, we believe that designing innovative identity documents can strengthen the bond that binds citizens to their country. For more than 15 years, we have co-developed identity solutions that provide optimal protection at local, national, and international levels. What our network of partners appreciates? The reliability of our components, the rigor of our production, compliance with strict industry standards – our production sites have received EAL 6 certification -and the variety of technologies we master. Enough to allow governments to produce unique documents in terms of security and design. Because identity is also a matter of pride.

Key figures
Linxens ensures
more than 100 government projects of identification worldwide.
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Biometric solutions for a safer world

Biometrics has a role to play in the face of current security issues related to identification and authentication. Thanks to the biometric sensor offered among the Linxens solutions, citizens can validate their identity through a fingerprint sensor on the card.

Provide access to a more open and secure world

Identity is a gateway to social, political, economic, and cultural inclusion. It guarantees citizens access to fundamental rights and services (education, employment, justice, property, etc.). Currently, a billion people are deprived of legal identity and of the opportunities our societies offer. At Linxens, we support the sustainable development goal set by the United Nations to provide legal identity to all inhabitants by 2030. We are proud to participate in designing a symbolic object with meaning and value. A document that allows each citizen to prove their identity to take full advantage of what the world has best to offer: their freedom.