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Whether the requirement is for contact or contactless payment, Linxens is at the forefront of bank card technology. With consumers looking for quicker and easier payment options, Linxens meets these demands with a portfolio that offers both performance and reliability.
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For anything from a large cash withdrawal to a cup of coffee, today’s consumers are looking for quicker, easier ways to access their money. With card transactions rapidly replacing cash, those payments need to be fast, reliable and secure. Whether the requirement is for banking or retail, contact or contactless, smart card technology from Linxens gives people the freedom to get on with their lives.

Our development teams in Europe, the United States and Asia have the expertise to provide customers with highly tailored solutions
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While taking into account the industry’s migration towards the secure EMV standard. In addition to the technical features, Linxens products for contact cards can include a range of technical options, enabling card suppliers to reach out more effectively to their chosen audiences. A broad portfolio of products is also available to meet the soaring demand for contactless technology, which uses a chip/antenna combination to communicate with a merchant’s payment terminal.

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Pre-laminated inlay solutions

At the core of Linxens product family is PRELAM®, a pre-laminated inlay solution for card manufacturers. In a Prelam, the electronic parts are assembled and embedded in a carrier material before layers of thermoplastic are added and fused together under heat and pressure. A card manufacturer can process such a prelam conveniently into a finished card that offers durability and excellent electrical performance. PRELAM® is also the delivery format for other Linxens products such as the Wire Booster Antenna for dual interface cards (contact and contactless).
The Wire Booster Antenna offers a choice of designs that meet EMV standards and connects to the chip-module by inductive coupling – making it more robust than a conventional physical interconnection. Other pre-laminated offerings include THINLAM®, with a thickness of 300μm or less, to accommodate additional security features; SHIELDLAM, to prevent RFID interference by metal so the transponder can be mounted to a mobile phone, and CLEARLAM, a transparent laminate that allows creative card designs with translucent areas in the card.

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Wearable technology

Such is the popularity of contactless payment technology that many consumers are looking for, not only to carry it around but also to wear it. Linxens has in-depth experience of this consumer trend, made the form of wristbands popular, providing high-performance antennas that meet the highest mechanical and thermal requirements.

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