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January 23-24, 2019 – Digital Commerce Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Booth# 4

On 23-24 January 2019, APSCA organizes Digital Commerce Asia Pacific at the Renaissance Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The objective of this industry event is to explore two roadmaps (Fintech or card-based payments) that will achieve the greatest success in expanding the e-payments business.

During the event, Linxens will showcase innovative product portfolio including HeavyLam (Heavy metal PRELAM®), dual frequency and LED card solutions for access control, finance, transport and loyalty applications:

•    Dual Frequency Cards
•    Wire booster antennas for dual interface cards
•    LED PRELAM® and card products

We look forward to seeing you at Digital Commerce in Kuala Lumpur. 

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November 27-29, 2018 - Trustech 2018 - Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France - Booth# Riviera B 020

Trustech 2018, the leading event for digital trust technologies, covers digital identity and credentials, new payment mechanisms, biometrics and the greater adoption of AI, which is increasingly being employed in automated threat detection, big data and analytics and so many areas from cybersecurity, to banking and financial services, to retail, to enterprise and smart home. 

As a world-class provider of component-based solutions for the security and identity market, Linxens continues to be the leading supplier of major technology pioneers shaping the markets of eGovernment, telecom, transport, access Control, hospitality, leisure and entertainment, financial services, IoT, healthcare and logistics.

Join us at Trustech and find out more about Linxens latest innovations:

  • Download Linxens complete product portfolio
  • Biometric PRELAM®
    New generation cards using fingerprint biometrics for personal digital fingerprint identification which brings greater convenience to consumers who do not have to remember anymore the 4-pin digit. The biometrics technology ensures seamless and secure payment transaction particularly when using contactless payment at the same time. 
  • Edgelink®
    Dual interface card which comprises of a copper wire antenna, embedded connecting pad and a module connector, is easily integrated into any contact smartcard embedding processes.
  • Colored Modules
    World’s premier colored microconnector tapes for smartcard modules are available in blue, red and orange. This innovation gives banks, transport operators and retailers the opportunity to be a unique differentiator from competitors. For eGovernment and access control markets, colored modules can be combined with fully-etched or micro-etched logos to show the emblem of a country or an organization.
  • dLoc® Solution
    Blockchain-based document authentication solution for banks, eGovernment, insurance, trade and finance, security printers and universities. With this technology, concerned entities can reduce fraud, audit and authenticate vital records in real-time. 
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October 30-31, 2018 - RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2018 - Darmstadt (near Frankfurt), Germany - Booth n° 27

RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow is Europe’s largest event for RFID and wireless IoT technologies and applications with two conference programs: Application-oriented dedicated for the users and Technology-oriented for the developers.

During the event, we will showcase RFID solutions serving various IoT applications:

  • UHF Inlays and Tags 
  • HF Inlays and Tags
  • UHF and HF Design services (New!)          

    Linxens now offers tailor-made inlays and tags to meet specific requirements of the end-use application. 
    Thanks to Linxens' RFID expertise, the inlay’s design can be adapted to special or harsh environments in order to achieve optimal performance.

This link gets you to the conference and exhibition registration:

Looking forward to seeing you in Darmstadt.

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October 11-12, 2018 - ICMA's CardTREX Europe Conference - Munich, Germany

ICMA’s CardTREX Europe conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities for card manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the latest trends in the transaction card industry.

On October 12 at 10:30 am, Thomas Decker, Linxens Vice President of Business Line Finance, Secure ID & Transaction will present “Market Development of Powered Cards”.

Powered-cards, also known as the “Next Generation of Cards” exist in different technologies that serve various applications. This presentation gives an overview of distinctive types of powered cards, their market potentials as well as challenges that need to be overcome before they evolve into mainstream products.

The CardTREX event is open to ICMA members and non-members, however ICMA members will benefit significant discounts. For more information, please see the Registration section at

We look forward to seeing you in Munich.

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July 17-18, 2018 - APSCA Conference - Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay, Singapore

This year, APSCA event on Powered and Next-Generation Cards 2018 will focus on the fastest moving product category for next-generation cards: Biometric EMV Contactless Payment Cards

The conference will combine thought leadership, innovation and best practices from end-users and solutions providers. One of the speakers at APSCA conference will be Linxens' Thomas Decker, Vice President, Business Line Finance, Secure ID & Transaction. On July 17, Thomas will present two topics:

  • 14:10: "Success Factors for Biometric Cards"

  • 16:20: "Discussion: Developing the Industry and Market of Biometric Card Ecosystem"

For more information, visit We look forward to seeing you there! 

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June 25-27, 2018 - SDW 2018 - London, UK - Stand B28

SDW 2018 brings together government and industry, suppliers and buyers, thought leaders and end users of next-generation government and citizen identity solutions.

During the event, we will showcase our innovative Secure ID portfolio: 

  • Blockchain-based dLoc™ Solution
  • ePassport
  • eID
  • National IDs
  • Driving licences

Please click on the link provided to register for your exhibition entrance pass:

See you in London!

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March 15-16, 2018 - Cards Future Payment 2018 - São Paulo, Brazil - Booth #B052

Cards Future Payment is held in one of the largest significant cities and economic hub of Latin America – São Paulo. The event brings together the entire technological chain for payment methods, e-commerce, certification and digital ID.

During this event, Linxens will showcase innovative product portfolio including Heavy PRELAM® and dual frequency cards for access control, finance, transport and loyalty applications:

  • Dual Frequency Cards
  • Wire booster antennas for dual interface cards
  • Heavy PRELAM®

Please click on the link provided to register for your exhibition entrance pass:

See you in São Paulo! 

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May 3-4, 2018 - Seamless Asia 2018 - Singapore - Booth #F01

Seamless Asia is the region’s longest running exhibition and conference focused on smart cards and payments, held at Suntec Convention, Singapore. 

During the event, we will showcase our innovative product portfolio including heavy PRELAM® and cards, dual frequency and eye catching LED products and solutions for access control, finance, transport and loyalty applications:

•    Dual Frequency Cards
•    Wire booster antennas for dual interface cards
•    LED PRELAM® and card products

What’s NEW! You will get to try on Linxens’ fingerprint sensor scanning solutions!

Please click on the link provided to register for your free expo pass:

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth and seeing you in Singapore next month!

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April 11-13, 2018 - ISC West 2018 - Las Vegas, USA - Booth #7054

The International Security Conference & Exposition – also known as ISC West – is the largest event in the U.S. for the physical security industry, covering Access Control, Alarms & Monitoring, Biometrics, IP Security, Video Surveillance / CCTV, Networked Security Products and more. At ISC West, you'll discover the newest security products & security technology, network with security professionals, and gain valuable security industry knowledge.

Come and join Linxens at ISC West Show on April 11-13, 2018 at Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV, USA. We will showcase secure access solutions for corporations and hotels.

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March 26-29, 2018 - PAYMENTS SUMMIT & ICMA EXPO 2018 - Orlando FL, USA - Booth n°203

The Payments Summit is the premier industry event covering all things payments, including FinTech, EMV chip technology, mobile wallets, NFC, contactless, open transit systems and more. In 2018, Secure Technology Alliance and the International Card Manufacturing Association (ICMA) are co-locating events, giving attendees a broader perspective from the core manufacturing and personalization of a card, to the rapid evolution in secure payments.

Come and join Linxens at Payments Summit Show on March 26-29, 2018 at Omni Orlando Resort, Championsgate, Orlando Florida, USA. Find out our latest Microconnectors and PRELAMs® for Banks, FinTech, Transit, Payments and all other Secure Transaction markets.

Thomas Decker, Linxens Vice President Business Line Finance will be a speaker on “What’s the Next Generation of Cards?” topic at ICMA Expo in Orlando on March 28, 2018 at 2 pm.

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March 6-8, 2018 - IT-TRANS 2018 - Karlsruhe, Germany - Stand dm-arena B18

IT-TRANS is the leading exhibition on intelligent solutions for public transport. The progressive digital transition changes our everyday life and redefines the way we live and move. The public transport industry also embraces new technologies evermore to create a more customer-friendly, more secure, and more efficient service.

Come and find out how we can help you with new ticket concepts. Linxens designs and manufactures RFID Antennas and Inlays including Be-In-Be-Out contactless Dual Frequency PRELAM®.

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March 13-15, 2018 - LogiMAT 2018 - Stuttgart, Germany - Stand 4D56

LogiMAT 2018 is the 16th International Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management. The ever-changing markets require flexible and innovative logistics. Processes must be continuously monitored and optimized. This requires a sensitive awareness of an abundance of offerings to identify the products and solutions that you just optimize your internal processes.

Come and find out our latest "Made in Germany" UHF and HF Inlays and Tags for the Industry, Logistics, Automotive and Healthcare markets.