Dynamic Card Security Code

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Linxens and Ellipse introduce a revolutionary battery-free
Electronic Verification Code™ (EVC™) solution for payment cards

The Linxens EVC PRELAM enables volume deployment of this new technology via traditional card manufacturers.

Linxens, a leading technology company providing component-based solutions for secure connections and authentication, and Ellipse, an innovative Los Angeles-based FinTech company, announce the launch of a battery-free Dynamic Security Code solution for payment cards. The Electronic Verification Code (EVC), addresses the issue of card-not-present fraud by changing the Card Security Code, displayed on a small on-card screen, during EMV® transactions.

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The "Linxens EVC PRELAM: Introduction to Battery-less Dynamic Security Code Solution" presentation provides details on the key drivers of card-not-present (CNP) fraud, false declines, technology benefits, how it works, manufacturing processes, and many more.

Card-not-present (CNP) fraud is an attempt to make a fraudulent credit card purchase while not possessing the physical card, typically online or over the phone. To combat this type of fraud, many online merchants now require the Card Security Code (CVV, CID or CVC), the three- or four- digit code printed on the reverse or front side of the card. However, once compromised, this line of defense is rendered ineffective.

This is where the dynamic security code changes the game, employing a small bistable screen on the card in the same position where a standard, static, security code is usually printed. The display is powered and updated with a new security code each time the card is used in an EMV transaction, rendering stolen credit card data useless and reducing CNP fraud.

Easy-to-deploy solution for issuers
The solution provides a frictionless experience for cardholders and is transparent to merchants, providing merchants and issuers with dynamic data during an e-commerce transaction thus increasing the certainty that a CNP transaction is legitimate and consequently decreasing false declines. It also reduces costs for card replacements due to stolen card data and fraud management. Payment cards employing EVC technology are fully compatible with existing POS terminals and ATMs.

The Linxens EVC PRELAM, integrating Ellipse battery-free display technology, is compatible with existing hot-lamination processes equipment, as well as with all standard card features (embossing, magstripe, hologram, etc.). The Linxens EVC Prelam is an industrialized solution which enables volume deployment of this new technology via traditional card manufacturers.

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Electronic Verification Code™
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