More security, less friction.

We are committed to continuously improving the customer’s payment experience by designing innovative features that make customers feel valued, secure and responsible.

Driving Seamless Transactions

Linxens solutions are designed to help you strengthen your relationship with your customers. Our partners recognise us for our ability to produce innovative, customisable and durable products that make your service unique. Together, we can meet the most demanding needs of banks and financial institutions, whether in terms of security with biometrics, or the environment with EcoLAM technology.

Addressing the Field's Key Issues

Reliable Partnership

We are recognised by our large network of partners for the reliability of our technology and our high and resilient production capacity.


With our solutions, customers enjoy a unique and seamless payment experience, while remaining in control of their purchase act and their personal data.


We use recycled materials and certified solutions to reduce environmental impact and promote a more sustainable approach to payment.

Next Generation Technology

We are accelerating the deployment of biometric means of payment to ensure the fluidity and security of transactions while maintaining health security.

Biometric Payment Cards

These cards leverage fingerprint recognition to secure transactions, offering users a higher level of security and convenience, reducing fraud, and streamlining the checkout process.

Eco-Friendly Cards

By using recycled materials, these cards contribute to environmental sustainability, appealing to eco-conscious consumers and reducing the carbon footprint associated with payment card production.

Customizable Design

Offering cards with unique designs, including innovative material, allows banks and issuers to enhance their brand visibility and customer loyalty


Leading Biometric Company

Linxens partnered with a card manufacturer to introduce biometric cards, making transactions quicker and more secure without extra investment. This technology enables high-value contactless payments and integrates easily with existing production lines, offering advanced payment security solutions.

International Bank

To meet high-end client expectations, a leading bank commissioned the production of Linxens HeavyLam metal cards, marrying elegance with advanced dual-interface technology for a premium banking experience.

Card Manufacturer

Linxens introduced a secure card solution with a dynamic bi-stable screen that updates security codes for each transaction, thwarting CNP fraud and reducing replacement costs. Integrated with existing manufacturing systems using Ellipse's battery-free technology, it supports mass production and enhances online transaction security efficiently.

Our partners

We extend our technology and business capabilities through a dynamic partnership with market leaders and innovators.Together, we provide our clients the best connectivity and sensing solutions, opening the way to a better life.

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