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In an increasingly connected world, Linxens technology is addressing the twin demands of accessibility and security by providing industry-leading technology for manufacturers of electronic passports and ID cards, as well as certificates and authenticated documents.
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National security has become global issue, with governments around the world facing numerous and varied internal and external challenges, and the need for the accurate authentication of e-passports and electronic ID cards. This challenge coincides with a rise in air travel, making accessibility an important issue at major airports.

At the same time, local governments are looking for new ways to streamline the authentication and storage of administrative documents, both online and offline. Linxens is enabling agencies in these areas by providing a broad range of secure products and services, and is recognized as a trusted partner of governments around the globe.

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Advanced Document Inlays

With more than 100 e-passport and eID projects worldwide, Linxens provides governments, secure card makers and integrators with high-quality RFID inlays and e-covers.
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Linxens’ core technology is a wire-embedded antenna on a carrier substrate, connected to a chip module. The laminated polycarbonate (PC) or polyester (PET) inlay is then smoothly incorporated into either the data page or back cover of the passport. Additional security can be provided by ‘Chip Activation Protection’, which prevents an e-passport from being read when the cover is closed, allowing the antenna to transmit data only when the passport is open – and being checked by authorized parties.

Covering the entire value chain, from the module packaging through to the final inlay, and developed specifically to meet the stringent demands of the secure printing industry, Linxens products meet all the requirements necessary for flexible, reliable and ultra-thin inlays. As well as the possibility of near limitless additional security features, thanks to a unique Smart AC design (anti crack prevention pad), Linxens inlays are also durable enough to withstand wear and tear over the document’s lifetime. In addition to inlays, Linxens also supplies a variety of value added services from chip initialization to “Flash OS loading. The entire production value chain is certified according to EAL 6, which is unique to Linxens in the industry.

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dLoc™ Document Authentication

Along with secure identification and travel documents, e-government is also bringing the management of paper records into the digital age, improving security and convenience for both users and providers. Birth certificates, land registry documents, hospital records and degree certificates are just some of the areas where retrieval and authentication can be challenging. To meet these needs, Linxens has introduced dLoc™, a revolutionary solution for providing digital authentication of paper records.

With dLoc™, an adhesive security seal containing a chip and an RFID transmitter is attached to a document, enabling its contents to be authenticated and accessed via a mobile app by any NFC-enabled device. The data is then uploaded to secure Cloud servers for distribution to the relevant stakeholders. To operate, dLoc™ harnesses two technologies: Near Field Communication and the Blockchain, a system for storing records across a network of distributed databases. NFC offers a convenient and reliable means of accessing the seal data from a mobile device, while the Blockchain prevents records from being compromised as the hashed and time stamped data cannot be altered from without a securely encrypted and unique key which must first be verified across the network.