authenticates your vital records

Created by Linxens, dLoc® is a revolutionary system for managing and authenticating vital records. Using the security of blockchain technology and the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC), any document can be digitally stored, shared and verified in real-time using a mobile device.

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Why dLoc®?

Reduce fraud

Top news talk about the real-world concerns on identity documents.


Estimated fake land titles have been reported in one major city.


Estimated US passports fraud cases involved fake birth certificates.

Source: ABCNews

Fake degrees revealed through approximately 350 fictitious high schools and universities.

Source: BBC

Real time authentication

Instant verification is no longer a nice to have – it’s a must. Since dLoc® uses combination of public and private blockchains, anyone, from employers, to government officials to banks and auditors, is able to verify the authenticity of a document.

Secure auditing

Being able to share data among several parties without losing the integrity of the audit trail is difficult. With dLoc® multiple users within the workflow can create or modify a document at the tap of a phone. This makes collating physical documents to digital documents and vice versa nearly seamless.


A market leader for more than 30 years, Linxens continues to be at the forefront of innovation in particular for the security and identity markets. Discover how dLoc® solution is used in a wide range of applications:


Provide highly sensitive bank certificates that can’t be tampered


Prevent fraud by delivering tamperproof birth certificates and other official records

Insurance companies

Produce insurance car tags of high-temperature heat resistant

Trade, finance and logistics

Deliver tamperproof investment and commodity certificates. Download White Paper

Security Printers

Produce highly secure document printing solutions to organizations


Make university diplomas impossible to copy

The dLoc® Eco-system

The dLoc® eco-system illustration
The dLoc® seal

The dLoc® Seal

The key to the solution which contains an integrated security chip storing all information stored on the certificate.

The seal also show the Inventory Control Number (ICN) and QR code which are unique to each individual document, thus reinforcing anti-fraud activities.

Authenticating the certificate

With dLoc® solution, verifying the authenticity and data integrity of the secured certificate using mobile devices can be done in 3 easy steps.


Further reasons to implement dLoc® in your organization

Blockchain enforced transactions

2-step NFC and blockchain verification

Customizable hash strategy

Digital document repository

Document auditing

Deployable to your own environment


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