Industry & Specialty

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Linxens technology is being applied to a wide variety of industrial and consumer goods, ranging from the embedded verification of ink jet cartridges to medical sensors for healthcare professionals.
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The applications for Connector technology are almost limitless, providing a real opportunity for innovation in different industries.

Linxens has been a supplier to the quartz watch industry for more than 10 years. With the company’s reel-to-reel manufacturing expertise, Linxens offers a consistent level of quality, irrespective of production volumes.

Smart printer ink cartridges are a further application for Linxens connectors as manufacturers look to prevent the use of counterfeits. A chip is embedded within the cartridge, communicating its parameters to the printer via a contact module, and enabling the printer to authenticate and check performance.

In the field of healthcare, adding chemical reagents to a single-sided Linxens connector turns it into an accurate medical sensor for blood analysis. This process provides an alternative to complex sensor manufacturing, thereby reducing costs.

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Specialty RFID

Linxens has unrivalled expertise and manufacturing experience in RFID, thanks to its flagship products for contact/contactless payment and access cards.
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By capitalizing on this same expertise, Linxens can also design and manufacture small copper-etched antennas for a range of specialty applications, such as the authentication of luxury consumer goods or asset tracking in harsh environments.