Working at Linxens

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In our production facilities, you will craft the products that meet our customers’ needs and desires. In compliance with quality, environmental, and safety standards, you will constantly be striving to improve. Our teams are comprised of people with a wide range of qualifications and experience, and this diversity allows everyone to share, learn and meet our customers’ needs in the most creative and fulfilling ways. 

Process Engineering

As part of our engineering teams, you will be working on projects to design and improve products, streamlining processes and relaying new technologies; you will be at the forefront of our industrial performance. With a university qualification in chemistry, electroplating, mechanical engineering, automation systems or optics (ordinary degrees to Master’s), you will quickly find yourself at the helm of very real projects, locally or internationally. 


Our R&D teams are tasked with meeting the needs of a modern, ever-changing market. They are faced with challenges that test the full spectrum of their creativity. Sound like an exciting challenge? Then your place is here. You will work with people from different backgrounds and vocations and you’ll always have one eye on the latest technological advances. You will be able to harness the best of skill and technology to achieve your goals. As a chemical, electroplating, or RFID technician or engineer (basic to PhD level degree), you will use your skills to manage programs and projects, locally and internationally.

Support Functions

As part of our support functions teams, you are the go-to people for dedicated support for internal customers. You form the pivotal link between the Group’s effectiveness and production facilities. With a degree in Finance, HR, Communications, IT, Purchasing or Marketing, you will instantly become a key player in the company. 

Sales & Marketing

Our success is based on our ability to understand and meet our customers’ needs. In close collaboration with our production and R&D teams, you will aid with the crucial role of managing customer relations. From initial meetings, to following up on contracts, helping customers achieve their business goals, negotiating prices and selling, you will be the global cultivators of business and facilitator of relations. A Master’s degree in business or engineering will prepare you for identifying future needs, prospecting new clients, analyzing the competition and promoting Linxens solutions.


We manufacture quality products in line with customer specifications, our own procedures, and market standards.You will ensure each product that we craft is faultless and that we strive for improvement at every available stage. For this role, you will specialize and be qualified in mechanical engineering, electro-chemicals, chemistry, or engineering (from vocational qualifications to Master’s degrees), or have worked in quality. 

Student's corner

Since 2014, Linxens is recognized as a Certified On-the-Job Training Centre (COJTC) by the Singapore Institute of Technical Education (ITE).  The COJTC status helps us institutionalize structured OJT systems and improve the quality of OJT practices. This recognition confirms Linxens’ core aim of developing a quality workforce and sharpening our competitiveness at every opportunity.
In Mantes la Jolie, France, we work in close collaboration with the local University Institute of Technology, welcoming apprentices who are specializing in mechatronics as part of their work/study program.