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With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, a figure that is expected to rise to two-thirds by 2050, public transportation has become a top priority. Linxens is playing its major role in helping countless millions of people have an easier journey to work.
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Accessing transportation

In an era of growing urbanization, today’s mass transit systems face two key challenges - increasing passenger numbers and ever-bigger transport networks. Linxens works with clients all over the world to help them meet the challenges faced by their transport operator clients. We design and produce contactless products that offer convenient access to transport services. Tokyo, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, London, Paris, Chicago, Boston and Sao Paulo are just some of the major metropolitan areas that now rely on Linxens technology to provide seamless access to transportation.

RFID technology

At the core of the system is a contactless ticket with an etched antenna and an embedded chip, or a contactless smartcard with an embedded wire antenna and chip that stores a range of information for identification, authentication and journey details. Using RFID technology, the smartcard connects to a reader and the access process is typically completed in just 150 milliseconds, easing congestion during peak travel periods and shortening overall journey times.
Along with the speed and convenience of contactless smartcards or contactless tickets, they can also handle different modes of transport within the same journey. Compared to magnetic stripe cards, the advanced RFID technology developed by Linxens offers greater security and reliability, along with reduced risk of fraud. Money can also be loaded electronically onto the contactless cards, either online or at subway/rail stations.


Transport operators

For transport operators, Linxens RFID technology not only helps in making public transportation easier – and therefore in high demand – but it also provides a wealth of data on how their networks are being used.
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From travel times and modes to the frequency of commuters’ journeys, the contactless smartcard or contactless ticket offers invaluable insights. By collating this information, companies are better able to measure their current punctuality and overall performance, and plan their timetables and services in the future.

Linxens technology

Linxens PRELAM® products are available with multiple chip technologies and standards, such as MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® Plus, MIFARE® DESFire, SONY FeliCa, Cipurse®, Calypso®. They can be provided as PRELAM®, aluminium etched inlays, RFID tokens or as semi-finished RFID cards with either single HF or dual HF/UHF frequencies. Linxens PRELAM® is easy to integrate into existing automatic fare collection systems, and allows card manufacturers to produce cost-effective contactless cards with reliable read-ranges for fast-access control. Linxens also offers aluminium etched inlays, which allow RFID ticket converters to manufacture superior quality contactless fare tickets with excellent radio frequency (RF) performance.

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