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The exponential growth of smartphones in recent years has led to a concerted drive among manufacturers for production efficiencies and cost optimization. Technology advances in areas such as mobile payments and connectivity features are also part of this changing landscape. Linxens has solutions to meet all these demands.
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With the mobile industry recording its highest ever shipment volume in 2016, at 4.9 billion units, there is no sign of any slowing in demand for handsets. We are the global leader in the design, development and manufacture of microconnectors for SIM cards, enabling manufacturers to turn challenges into opportunities and consumers to benefit from the latest technology. To meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers, the Linxens portfolio delivers the highest level of quality, reliability and environmental resistance.

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Triple SIM efficiencies

Whatever the SIM format required by a mobile network operator - 2FF, 3FF or 4FF - Linxens can provide a tailored solution, matching the level of plating with the end-user market and the anticipated lifecycle of smartphones. Our products are also ideally suited for the ‘Triple SIM’ format that now accounts for more than half of the SIM card market, offering consumers greater flexibility when choosing their next phone.

For mobile network operators, the simple integration of the chip module and the limited plating grade provides logistical and cost benefits, while maintaining reliability. In an increasingly competitive market, the ability of telecom companies to drive efficiencies and optimize their processes is key to their business model.

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The Linxens portfolio of microconnectors for SIM applications has three flagship products:

  • EcoSIM: Designed for high-end SIM cards, the optimized plating of the EcoSIM ensures high-level of reliability and product performance. This solution offers an ideal compromise between performance, aesthetics and product optimization.
  • UltraSIM: A gold flash-layer delivers the thinnest gold configuration available in 2FF/3FF. The UltraSIM offers a way of reducing costs without compromising product performance, while maintaining scratch and corrosion resistance.
  • OptiSIM: Tailored for low-end SIM requirements, the product is based on UltraSIM plating configuration, with additional cavity. OptiSIM is our most optimized product for the telecom market.

Linxens products are developed to offer consumers the reliability they need over an extended lifetime. Across the entire portfolio, all of them are compliant with the ISO 10373 standard, ensuring corrosion resistance and faultless electrical performance.

At the same time, we are also adapting to future consumer needs with next generation technologies for mobile connectivity, such as 5G, Near-Field Communication, and mobile payments.
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A differentiated solution

For smartphone manufacturers and network operators, Linxens is also bringing added-value and competitive advantages in the form of customization. We are the only manufacturer to have developed compatible colored tape and etched-logo technologies – enabling operators to offer premium differentiation.

All our products and services are backed by the wealth of experience that Linxens makes available to its customers. Our engineers anticipate the technical constraints at every stage of a SIM product development, clearing the way for successful testing and launch. Advice and fast prototyping services are also available for specific projects. Meanwhile, the Linxens Zero Defect program used at all our plants worldwide provides customers with a guarantee of process stability.