Internet of Things

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Though still in its early stages, the Internet of Things (IoT) is already beginning to transform the way we manage factories, offices and even our homes. A key enabler of this technology is RFID, a field where Linxens is recognized as a world leader in the range and reliability of its solutions.
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In the same way that the Internet has revolutionized the way people interact with a limitless range of services, the Internet of Things is transforming our association with the machinery and the built environment. The era of analog sensors has been superseded by chip modules with the ability to both send and receive data, creating huge networks of smart devices.
Linxens is helping to drive this transformation by providing Microconnectors and RFID technology that enables smart sensor equipment to communicate wirelessly.

Wide-ranging IoT technology applications

As with the public Internet, the IoT applications are virtually unlimited – ranging from industrial plants, warehouses, homes, offices to ‘Smart Buildings’. By deploying RFID tags from Linxens, the location and state of goods in a warehouse can be available in real time, while smart sensors on a production line can monitor throughput, highlight bottlenecks and signal maintenance alerts. Logistics firms are meanwhile installing RFID tags on their trucks, enabling them to keep track of vehicle movements and providing customers with end-to-end supply chain visibility.

In ‘Smart Buildings’, the heating, cooling and lighting can all be automatically switched on and off, generating significant energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions. In the home, domestic appliances, locks and alarms can be operated remotely or autonomously, while smart meters are offering people the opportunity to understand and optimize their use of energy. However, personal applications of IoT are not limited to the home. Fitness apps that send information from a mobile device to a desktop are all based on this technology, while future applications could see heart monitoring devices sending real-time data to clinicians or home-care staff.

Linxens IoT solutions

Along with technical excellence and high reliability, resistance to corrosion is a hallmark of Linxens products – and a key requirement for the often harsh IoT environment found in industry and logistics. Linxens can adapt the level of physical protection required by any given IoT application, while the use of standard modules can easily be integrated into various types of connected devices and circuits. Wherever there is connection to the digital world, we are there.