Consumer Goods

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Let's reinvent the consumer experience

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A new generation of consumers expects more transparency, traceability, and accountability from retail and trade players. From tracking the manufacture of consumer goods to ensuring the authenticity of luxury products, Linxens technologies can help brands improve their products and services.
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Imagine powerful and creative IoT applications

Consumer expectations and needs are changing rapidly. To remain leaders, companies must offer a flawless purchasing journey while displaying ethical values. At Linxens, we believe that IoT can help businesses get a head start for a richer experience and a more sustainable approach. Linxens technology allows companies to capture valuable data to develop apps that simplify the buying journey and enrich the customer experience. In retail, connected objects can, for example, send recommendations or promotional offers to customers' smartphones based on their locations or preferences. Our solutions also encourage companies to take responsibility. For instance, we participate in developing sensors capable of monitoring CO2 emissions, measuring air quality, or even limiting waste generation. And this, from manufacturing to product recycling.

“The IoT, designed to make life easier for manufacturers, must evolve to improve energy management and limit our carbon impact”
Cyril Proye - IoT Marketing Director
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Tailor-made solutions to unleash the potential of the IoT

The IoT has entered our daily lives with the rise of connected objects. And that's just the beginning. Companies, industries, and businesses of all sectors are beginning to realize the immense potential of the applications offered by the IoT. Among them: guarantee the traceability of products, optimize inventory management, follow the path of consumers, interact with customers, certify the authenticity of products (...) The IoT offers an almost infinite playground. We co-develop reliable, efficient, and personalized connectivity solutions with our partners. Thanks to our multi-sector expertise, we support all players in deploying bold and efficient IoT systems to help them gain competitiveness. For example, we help the luxury industry to achieve traceability by deploying technologies to guarantee the authenticity of products, limit theft, fight against counterfeits, and promote the second-hand market in complete transparency.

Intelligent use of data

Deploying Linxens RFID tags affixed or embedded directly into items provides real-time information on their location and status. This technology allows trade and retail players to strengthen the identification of the product, guarantee its traceability, and ensure its safety from manufacture to delivery.

Rethinking the relationship between the brand and the consumer

A new generation of consumers looking for brands with a solid economic, social, and ecological impact is emerging. But how to find them...? For Linxens, the answer lies in technology. Connectivity solutions can encourage responsible consumption by helping brands gain quality, transparency, and certification. In addition, our technology contributes to the sharing of verifiable and tamper-proof data that provides unprecedented traceability and authenticity. A valuable asset for luxury brands, which can guarantee the authenticity of their physical and virtual products. But also important for consumers, who can now benefit from a shopping experience based on trust.

Key figures
of consumers are asking for better transparency on the origin and traceability of the products sold.” (LSA survey, 2021)