Eco-friendly engineering by Linxens

Halogen free • Arsenic free • Hydrazine free

Linxens LiteSIM is the next generation of SIM which is a step further in making smart cards more sustainable, efficient and optimized. LiteSIM, eco-friendly engineered, reduces overall environmental impact achieving the best cost-of-ownership and high manufacturing yield.

Green copper

  • New copper is totally Arsenic free
  • No arsenic used at Linxens’ supplier production sites
  • No arsenic in Linxens’ raw material
  • Green copper respects the environment and people’s health

Paper interleaver

  • Previous interleaver was PET based
  • Linxens’ paper interleaver is certified ensuring legal compliance and no-deforestation commitment.
  • Solution that can be recycled at Linxens’ or customers’ site

New gold bath (REACH compliant)

  • New copper is Arsenic and Hydrazine free
  • Respects environment and people’s health