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The Ultimate Connector To Protect Your Brand


Linxens has developed EcoBrand to ensure the authenticity of products. With its minimal size, the innovative EcoBrand connector can be inserted within the product’s smallest possible space, allowing to connect the Secure Chip which will determine the product’s authenticity.

EcoBrand enables smart authentication of consumable products:

  • Coffee capsules
  • Electric toothbrush heads
  • Ink cartridges
  • eCigarette pods
  • and many more!

Key Features

  • Thinnest total thickness manufacture
  • 3-pad connector suitable for SWI (Single Wire Protocol) secure chip
  • Robust plating protection to support 500 insertions in the connector


  • Total thickness of 113μm ± 22μm


  • Film base: 75μm Standard Epoxy Glass
  • Adhesive: High temperature modified Epoxy MCHT
  • Copper: ED18μm

Plating performance

  • Up to 500 insertion cycles
  • Standard corrosion resistance