Biometric Insights: User Privacy Protection

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How will biometric payment overcome consumer fears over privacy and contactless?

This presentation will introduce biometrics, compare various biometric systems implementations, application requirements and user privacy protection levels, as well as examine the regulatory compliance requirements such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Privacy intrusiveness assessment will include key GDPR questions:

  • Is biometric data stored?
  • What data is stored?
  • Where is data stored?
  • Is the storage permanent or temporary?
  • How is biometric data processed? 

Answers to these questions will demonstrate how the implementation of biometrics on a smart card shall overcome consumer fears over contactless payments and personal data privacy concerns.

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See this presentation on Slideshare.

If you need further explanation on the privacy intrusiveness assessment, please feel free to contact Jean-François Durix, Linxens Business Development Director: